Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rules...What Rules?

Marley had a play-date with her friend Sadie the other day. Sadie's dad was excited to have two dogs around and he had all sorts of plans for the evening. Sadie's mom and I had to be elsewhere during this time. Marley and Sadie were so excited to see each other, they sounded like cheerleaders on the first day of school (jumping up and squealing).

Sadie's dad decided to take the dogs for a ride to the coffee shop. Marley decided to run off once the door opened and run circles in the alley. Once he directed her to the truck she decided it would be fun to jump up and clean his ears and climb into his lap...while he was driving.

I have to say I was horrified when I heard this, Marley is very aware of the rules. She knows she needs to stay in the passenger seat while in the car. She knows how to walk nicely next to people (on and off leash). In addition she encouraged Sadie to disobey her normal rules.

She must have thought rules did not apply because I was not there. Silly dog!

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