Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Marley's Tally

Marley is my first dog and I've noticed my pet expenses have increased a lot since she joined my family. I used to budget about $25 per month for the cats, that included food, litter and toys. It seems easier to spend money on a dog that goes to the the store and drools over all the treats. I believe it will be interesting to keep track of all the pet expenses for the year.

This weekend I spent:
  • $6.24 - mini dingos - marley loves these
  • $3.47 - pork bone - this consisted of 3 smoked shanks
  • $6.99 - AKC stuffed beaver (like Marley really needs another stuffed toy)
  • $0.99 - Kong Ziggies - this is a sample to stuff in her Kong
  • $6.49 - Nylabone - rib rack
  • $3.99 - Clicker - to teach her more tricks
Upon reading my list I already see part of the problem. I spent $28.17 on toys and treats. I sense my dog may be a tad spoiled.


bc_lover said...

I totally know what you are going through! :)

Ishtar said...

Any pet of yours, spoiled? I can't imagine.

How's Bob's turtle collection?