Saturday, March 1, 2014

Marley and the CAT

A few weeks ago a friend asked if Marley was taking the CAT.  I told her Marley has a kitten and I don't want another, thank you very much.  After she was done laughing she clarified, the Course Ability Test (CAT).  It turns out the Course Ability Test is an AKC lure coursing activity for dogs that are not sight hounds. All dogs can participate and earn titles and win ribbons.

At this point I decided to join the AKC Canine Partners Program, this is for mixed breed dogs also known as All American dogs. Not only will I be able to participate in the CAT but also in AKC agility, Obedience, and Rally and earn titles.  It was about $35 and easy to join, the hardest part was deciding on Marley's "official" name.
Marley guarding her first ribbon

Today we attended Marley's first AKC event.  It was so much fun!

She was so well behaved and really calm around the other dogs until they started testing the system.  At this point she totally lost her mind and started whining and trying to get the lure.  She spent most of the event in her crate covered with a blanket to prevent her from seeing the lure.

I ended up having to carry her into the field she was just so wiggly and squirmy and I was afraid she would hurt herself trying to run after the lure while on a leash.  She had a blast, she ran through mud, large puddles, and horse poop (her favorite).

No surprise to anybody who is a frequent reader...Marley passed the CAT!  She caught the lure and earned an orange ribbon!  Yep!  We have our first ribbon (I hope its our first and not the only ribbon we earn).

I am so proud of her!  If she passes the CAT two more times she gets a CA title.
Check it out!