Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ugh gross

As a city dog, Marley goes on at least two walks a day in addition to park time. She takes full advantage of these walks to poop. This allows me to monitor her poop and make note of any changes that may indicate changes in her health. If she has trouble, I review what she may have eaten and attempt to find what has caused the problem.

I became concerned last week because her poop increased in frequency and size. She started to poop 3-4 times during a walk and the quantity was astounding. I reviewed the treats she was receiving and couldn't recall any changes. I started to get worried and I decided to call the vet and schedule a check-up.

As I was searching for the vet's number (I know it should be programed into my phone) I noticed a black blob moving in the cat section of the house. It was Marley, who was exploring the litter box. It seems she discovered how to access the cat section and made herself at home.

This has led to a dilemma, how can I keep her out of that part of the house without making it difficult for Mahone to access. Mahone is 17 years old and I can't require him to jump very high. I went out and purchased a gate that actually attaches to the wall (I had a pressure installed gate) and I've raised it about 3-4 inches off the floor. I'm not sure how long this will keep Marley out and allow Mahone to access his part of the house. I'm currently open to any suggestions.

Cat box treats are bad?

Monday, February 16, 2009

Agility lesson

We attended our first agility class and I had a great time. We practiced with the tunnel, weave poles and wobble (bjua) board.

Tunnel: It took Marley a while to figure out I was at the other end of the tunnel, she kept trying to walk on either side of the tunnel. Once she figured it out she just started to run though it and meet me on the other side.

Weave poles: The weave poles had a cages. Marley didn't seem to have any problems or concerns running through the maze they created. I think she was more interested in the treats the previous dog had missed.

Wobble (bjua) board: Marley had no interest in stepping on this board. The first try I gave her a treat when she stepped on the board (after I held it steady). The second time she hopped on trying to get the treats in the trainer's hand. The third time she figured out how to stop the wobbling.

In our class we have a Rottweiler, Golden retriever, Boston terrier, Boxer, Australian Sheppard, Fox Terrier and an Akita mix. I'm very excited about this class, I think at this time Marley is excited about getting hotdogs.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Marley's gotcha day

Yesterday was Marley's gotcha day and I felt it was a perfect opportunity for me get her the coolest gift ever.
Yep, bows for her ears

I refuse to acknowledge your presence

I thought the bows looked lovely, however she was just not that into it.

Did I just hear you say playdate?
You will remove these torture devises from my ears!

She also got a lovely valentine bandanna.

She forgave me when I drove her to play with her friends: Tank, Sadie and Henry. They had a great time chasing nothings in the back yard. This last year, my first as a dog owner has been the best ever!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Marley is psychic

Marley has never heard me say, "Lets go to the park!"

Usually, I plan on taking Marley for a drive and we run a few errands prior to arriving a the park. We both enjoy a quick drive to Starbucks. The other day, Marley was curled up in my lap while I read her a few blogs (we have high hopes for Dannan and Stella and we like to read about Bruno's FLH). After reading I casually said, "we should go to the park." Marley's jumped off my lap and ran to the door ready to leave. I think she is psychic!!

Or maybe she was corrupted by somebody else:

This place is called the Park.

Wow, this place has a name. So, how do I get my mom to bring me more often?

Friday, February 6, 2009

Marley's new friend

Marley met the most adorable Newfoundland the other day. It was amusing because the dog's head was bigger than Marley.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Marley and I decided to accept Johann's Toofer Challenge. This is a timely challenge as I have attempted to brush Marley's teeth in the past, however I haven't really gotten very far. Ok, I'll admit it, I had purchased a pre-pasted toothbrush for her and it was residing in her treat basket. Today she received a rude shock when she was expecting a treat, she has decided this is not a fun activity.

I started out by placing some treats on my coffee table and tucking her under my arm. I let her sniff the brush and then I opened her mouth and lightly brushed her teeth. About half-way through I gave her a couple of treats and when I was done she got more treats. I'm not sure this was very effective, however I figure it will get her used to the process and I'm sure I'll get better at making it fun.

Marley's pearly whites

I want to audition for the part of the big bad wolf...think I'll get it?