Monday, February 16, 2009

Agility lesson

We attended our first agility class and I had a great time. We practiced with the tunnel, weave poles and wobble (bjua) board.

Tunnel: It took Marley a while to figure out I was at the other end of the tunnel, she kept trying to walk on either side of the tunnel. Once she figured it out she just started to run though it and meet me on the other side.

Weave poles: The weave poles had a cages. Marley didn't seem to have any problems or concerns running through the maze they created. I think she was more interested in the treats the previous dog had missed.

Wobble (bjua) board: Marley had no interest in stepping on this board. The first try I gave her a treat when she stepped on the board (after I held it steady). The second time she hopped on trying to get the treats in the trainer's hand. The third time she figured out how to stop the wobbling.

In our class we have a Rottweiler, Golden retriever, Boston terrier, Boxer, Australian Sheppard, Fox Terrier and an Akita mix. I'm very excited about this class, I think at this time Marley is excited about getting hotdogs.

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