Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Friday, June 13, 2014

Agility Trial Adventures

This is our year!  I can totally feel that we are finally going to sync and work as a team during competition.  I just know its going to be awesome!  I have complete faith in Marley!

Isn't it funny how positive my mom is that I'll cooperate?

I've been so positive I signed her up for her first AKC agility event!  I was so sure we were ready that I entered her in Jumpers and Standard.  I blocked out my entire Memorial weekend for agility (yes, I know I'm a bit behind). I just knew Marley was ready to totally rock in Jumpers and I had high hopes for her in Standard.

What happened?

Day 1:  We entered Jumpers and I signed up for Jumpers and Standard in a fun match after the event.
Jumpers: We lined up and she was looking around while I led out.  I called her and she went over 3 jumps beautifully and entered the tunnel without hesitation.  I was so excited!  The then proceeded to sniff around the weave poles and she jumped over some jumps on her way to her leash.

Fun Match Standard:  While I walked the course I decided to stay close to Marley and support her through the course.  When it was our turn, I led out and I saw her eyes light up as she saw the A-frame.  We started and she flew over the jumps and hit all her contacts and she flew into the weave poles.  She was so AWESOME!  It was MAGICAL!  My heart nearly burst from pride!

Fun Match Jumpers:  Hyped up by our success in Standard I just knew we were going to be awesome in Jumpers.  We started and she jumped over the jumps, zoomed into the tunnel, flew into the weave poles and looked fantastic zooming into the second tunnel.  She flew out of the tunnel and started sniffing around... Yep, she was done.

Day 2:  We were entered in Jumpers and Standard. After much thought I decided I needed to provide Marley more support and not expect her to perform in the trial as she does during training.

Jumpers:  Our startline great and she was fantastic going over jumps and through the tunnel.  She was a bit tentative going into the weave poles.  She was doing so well and then she started sniffing and she went off course.

Standard:  I just knew this was going to be fantastic.  We were at the startline when we heard "Ready" and Marley was like, "why, yes I'm ready" and she took off.  Yep, I was inhaling her dust as she took the first two jumps while I watched in total shock.  Once it hit me that I shouldn't call her back I took off and met her at the third jump.  We were smoking hot as we completed the next three obstacles.  Then it happened...she flew out of a tunnel and missed the weave poles and the magic was gone.

Overall, I think Marley understands the game and she enjoys running the course.  She simply soars over jumps with a gigantic grin on her face.  She is happy and relaxed after our turn and she is not stressed over the excitement and noise of the event.

I'm not going to lie, I wish we had at least competed a course without being disqualified but I'm choosing to focus on the great things we accomplished and how happy Marley is playing the game.