Thursday, April 25, 2013

Just Bob

Bob contemplating smacking Marley
around for laying on him. 
Bob is the weirdest cat I've ever lived with (you never really own a cat), he is so clingy and demanding.  I have trouble leaving him home alone because neighbors have started to comment on how loud he complains.  Can cats have separation anxiety?

It has taken over three years for him to accept the fact that Marley is not a visitor.  He has started to rub his head under Marley's chin and purr while Marley panics and tries to evade.

Bob still tries to smack Marley around but it seems mostly for show not to make a point. He has started to bat at her paws trying to get her to play.

Marley is convinced this is a trick and Bob is just being nice because he wants to steal her bones.

My pets are really weird!