Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hiking at the River

The weather is just glorious, warm with a cool refreshing breeze. We have been taking full advantage of the beautiful weather by doing a lot of hiking around the rivers.

During our hike she was fascinated by a black lab that kept swimming into the middle of the river for a tennis ball. She kept laughing at his silly antics.

Marley has no interest in swimming in the water. This is as far as she went into the river before she started to do her "you can't make me swim" dance.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Sunny Sunday at the Park

It was a beautiful day at the park. Marley had a great time playing with her friends and meeting new friends.

Nana is one of my favorites. She is about 4 months old and fairly skittish. She loves the park, especially socializing with all the people, she is not so sure about the other dogs. Usually she runs off to smell stuff for a minute and then just runs back to her daddy.
"Will the black box really take my soul? Do I have time to hide next to my daddy?"

Holly, small yorkie mix, is about 5 months old and incredibly feisty. Her mom has to keep a careful eye on her, because she has no qualms about letting other dogs know when they invade her space. Bruiser the bichon is totally facinated by puppies.

Guess who advanced to intermediate?

Yep, after almost a year, Marley is moving up to the intermediate class. Our trainer feels it might be best to challenge Marley rather than keep her in the same class until she chooses to cooperate while practicing jumps.

I'm trying to figure out a way to practice jumps outside of our class. I've tried setting up jumps inside our home, except it upsets Marley and she hides in her crate.

I'm considering taking a different agility class; at a different location with a different instructor. I'm not sure if this a good option, there is a possibility she may get confused. Edit - I meant in addition to our regular lass not instead of our regular class.