Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Dog Park Closed

A light started this whole mess four years ago.  I went to the park and there were about 5 people huddled under the light of one streetlight.  It was dark and there was no way I could spot my dog as she ran around in the park.  I started asking around, why do we only have one light?  This of course led to more questions, such as, why does one side of the park have running water and shade and the small dog section is just a tiny patch of dirt?  Soon everybody was questioning the status of the dog park and getting involved.

Before you knew it I was conducting dog park crawls and presenting my findings to the park district.  One of the problems was the age of our park, about ten years ago it was the first in the area.  Today all new development includes a dog park.

Fortunately, everybody who attended the park regularly wanted to see changes, especially during the winter when the entire park became a swamp. The park district heard us and decided to create a Master Plan for our park. The public was involved in the development of the new plan and the Dog Park began to raise funds.  We sold as many dog cookies, calendars, and cookbooks as possible.  Our great committee chair sent out letters and applied for grants.  Contests were entered for a new dog park.  Community yard sales are being held to raise funds.  Everybody has contributed and worked hard to raise funds.

I am pleased to share that construction has started on the park infrastructure. Unfortunately, our park is closed for the entire summer.  
Signs on the gates.

Dumpsters scattered in the park.

Fencing has been removed.  Dying trees and concrete pads are gone.

I am so pleased with all the hard work of the Dog Park Committee and everybody who chipped in to raise funds.  This is fantastic progress, even though most of us are at a bit of a loss as to where to go in the evenings.  Marley misses her park and her friends.