Sunday, May 31, 2009

Doggy Dash

Marley and I had a great time at the doggy Dash. Marley enjoyed visiting with her obedience dog trainer and with our agility trainer. Marley took all of her obedience classes at the SPCA. They have a great program that promotes positive training, which was a great way to bond with my new dog.

We saw some cool dogs doing agility and Marley didn't understand why she couldn't play. We met some great people from the Delta Society, who thought Marley was fabulous. I tried to explain that Marley was a bit of a hooligan and probably not a therapy dog. They didn't believe me, Marley behaved perfectly while we were there.

We did encounter a golden retriever who over did the running and become overheated. I was so pleased to see everybody respond quickly to cool him down. Please use caution when running with a dog on a warm day.

Marley didn't have that problem, I bought her a frozen doggy treat. Overall a great day and a lot of fun.

I would like to remind you of all the great work the SPCA does on behalf of pets. They offer low cost training, which will not hurt your dog. They provide low cost pets for seniors. They also offer low cost veterinary care. They also run a thrift store and book sales to raise funds for their great programs.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Agility 2.2

Our agility class took a couple of weeks off and Marley is so excited to begin again. I think our break was great for Marley, she is excited about doing tunnels again. We are still working on sequencing.

We learned hoops today. Marley loves anything that allows her to run around and she had no problems with this activity.

The broad jump was also introduced this week, I'm not sure Marley realizes there is a difference between the jump and the broad jump.

Weave / Teeter - Marley loves the Teeter and she just had a great time.

Dog Walk / Tunnel - Marley is getting better about hitting the target when she is doing the dog walk. We caught her trying to cheat by hoovering her butt instead of sitting. She strolled through the tunnel.

Finally we practiced the guide weave poles, which seemed difficult for all the dogs. Marley and I walked slowly through them and I think she didn't quite get the idea.

Overall, she loves the class and is very excited about being there.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sutter Fort Landing Park

Marley and I attended the Grand Opening Celebration of the Sutter Fort Landing Park. It was very exciting and Marley had a great time being one of the first dogs to leave p-mail everywhere.

Councilman Cohn (light blue shirt) and the park designer (in baseball hat) discussed the creation of the park. This land was unusable property and a great effort was made to making it a dog park. Under the park is a land fill and therefore, all water must be drained off the property into the river. The park consists of decomposed granite and mulch instead of grass.

The ribbon cutting ceremony was fun.

This picture was taken at the gate of the small dog section facing northwest. This is the largest small dog park I have ever seen and there is plenty of parking next to the park.

I'm still standing at the gate of the small dog park facing west.

I'm still at the gate of the small dog park facing southwest. Notice the water fountain and the large dog park section. The entire park is about 3 acres, which makes this the largest dog park in the region.

Unfortunately this is the only shade in the park. However, the park is close to the river and there was a nice delta breeze. If you continue to the north there is access to the river.

Marley had a great time.

She enjoyed running around...

Making new friends...

Playing with a crazy puppy...

Finally, she enjoyed a refreshing drink from the new fountain.

Overall we had a wonderful time and would like to thank everybody involved in the creation of such a fun place to play.

Monday, May 18, 2009

2009 Doggy Dash

Dear Friends and Family,

On May 30, 2009 Marley and I will be participating in the Sacramento SPCA's Doggy Dash to help raise money for the many pets who do not have a home. This is a five kilometer run/walk at William Land Park in Sacramento.

Your donation of $75, $50, $25 or whatever you choose will help me reach my goal. Please make a donation so to help this organization. Thank you for your support!

Support Marley's and the Sacramento SPCA!

You can make a pledge by going to Marley's Adventures SPCA webpage. Our Id number is 933.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Marley finally recieved her Canine Good Citizen certificate. I'm so proud of her.

If only we were not dealing with a little leash aggression.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lucky - maybe not

This is Lucky, isn't he cute? He is a feisty 5lb chihuahua puppy. This tiny little dog bit Marley.

Yep, he bit Marley. They were playing in the park and he ran up behind Marley and he ended up with a mouth full of black fur, Marley turned around and snarled at him. I totally panicked and scooped up Marley. She was not hurt, however it totally freaked me out.

Lucky's owner is very nice and she was very apologetic, however she is not sure of what to do to stop him from nipping other dogs. He doesn't seem to not like Marley, they get along fine, until she stops playing with him. If anybody has any great advice for preventing this from happening in the future, please let me know.