Sunday, May 31, 2009

Doggy Dash

Marley and I had a great time at the doggy Dash. Marley enjoyed visiting with her obedience dog trainer and with our agility trainer. Marley took all of her obedience classes at the SPCA. They have a great program that promotes positive training, which was a great way to bond with my new dog.

We saw some cool dogs doing agility and Marley didn't understand why she couldn't play. We met some great people from the Delta Society, who thought Marley was fabulous. I tried to explain that Marley was a bit of a hooligan and probably not a therapy dog. They didn't believe me, Marley behaved perfectly while we were there.

We did encounter a golden retriever who over did the running and become overheated. I was so pleased to see everybody respond quickly to cool him down. Please use caution when running with a dog on a warm day.

Marley didn't have that problem, I bought her a frozen doggy treat. Overall a great day and a lot of fun.

I would like to remind you of all the great work the SPCA does on behalf of pets. They offer low cost training, which will not hurt your dog. They provide low cost pets for seniors. They also offer low cost veterinary care. They also run a thrift store and book sales to raise funds for their great programs.

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