Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Marley's BFF

While I've been dealing with work, school and a lack of internet service, Marley has had a lot of fun. I managed to organize some play dates and extra walks while I was busy. We started our agility class last week and we pick up our new weave poles in a few days.

During our break Marley was able to spend some time with her friend Sadie. They usually chase each other, play bitey face and nap together. All around they have a good time.
Sadie is totally convinced that a camera is trying to steal her soul and this is one of the very few photos of this lovely dog.

To Marley's dismay, Sadie acquired a sibling about a year ago. Reagan is a beautiful lab/shepard mix. She behaves like a typical little sister, she wants everything everybody else has and believes rules are for other dogs.

She is utterly convinced that Marley is her best friend. Marley for the most part, ignores Reagan.

"Do you want to wrestle? How about a game of chase?"

Marley has unfortunately taught Reagan some bad habits, such as guarding the front door by barking at the neighbors and chasing cats. Actually, the only time Marley doesn't ignore Reagan is when there is a cat around that needs to be chased. I find their relationship quite fascinating.

All photos in this post were taken by Laura Calonder.