Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Bill Signed to protect Abused Animals

The Governor signed SB1500 by Sen. Ted W. Lieu. 

It is very exciting.  

When a pet is picked up due to animal cruelty or neglect it will not be returned to the owner.  It is my understanding that pets must be returned if the owners can prove the pet is healthy and there is adequate shelter and food for the animal.  At this time the pet is held by animal control who takes care of it and therefore the pet is always healthy by the time this is in court.  This will allow an abused or neglected pet to be either released to a rescue organization or adopted much sooner than in the past. 

Here is the link for the news article. 

I'm not clear on the nuances of the law, I'm sure its pretty clear I'm not a lawyer, but I'm pleased an abused animal will not be returned to an abusive home.   If you know more about this law please share your feedback.