Monday, April 26, 2010

K9 Cancer Walk

Marley and I completed the entire 7k for K9 Cancer! It was a fabulous event, I found it informative and fun. I learned there are a lot of resources nearby for any pet who has cancer.

Marley and Bruiser ready to go!

This is one of the most popular charity dog walks I've ever attended. It was simply packed before the event started.
I love the booths that have information about new activities and Marley loves to sample all the treats the vendors provide. At this event I learned about a new sport called K9 Nose Work, basically its an activity that encourages a dog to use its nose to find stuff. It sounds like a lot of fun and I think Marley will enjoy it.

Marley is just having a blast walking in a new park. I always worry about her surrounded by crowds and new dogs, however she always surprises me and behaves very well.

We were ahead of the pack and I was simply amazed by how many people attended the event. Marley really wanted her own duck.

Marley is ready for our next charity walk!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Dog Jobs

While I was researching dog breeds all the books said there were dogs breeds that needed to have a purpose or a job. I decided to be smart and avoid all the herding breeds and terriers. I thought I hit the jackpot with Marley, who I think is part Papillon. A dog breed for companionship wouldn't require a job, right?


It seems Marley has given herself a few jobs, such as
  • Couch protector - Whenever Bob forgets the couch is not a scratching choice Marley will chase Bob away. Unfortunately, Marley has included the scratching posts under her protection.
  • Cat herder - Every time I turn on the printer, Marley thinks she is doing a fabulous job by herding Bob towards the printer. Unfortunately, I do not want Bob stalking the printer cartridges.
  • Plant inspector - I was not aware plants needed to be protected from bees. Marley started snapping at bees. My lack of gratitude or maybe she got stung, but now she barks at bees.
  • Diet enforcer - It seems all cookies are her domain. She totally gets bent out of shape if I have a cookie and she doesn't.
I am currently looking for jobs to assign my dog. If anybody has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate them.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Old Salmon Falls hike

The warm spring weather has inspired us to go hiking. We recently tried Old Salmon Falls Loop, it is an easy 2.2 mile hike. I enjoyed the nice weather and easy hike, while Marley smelled and peed on everything in sight. We were startled when we encountered some turkey vultures sunning themselves.

We walked down the the remnants of the Old Morman Gold Mining town. I believe the town is underwater; however, there is a building foundation and tons of party remains. It was a nice spot for a water break. Marley enjoyed running away from the tiny waves.

Overall, it was a fabulous day!