Friday, April 9, 2010

Dog Jobs

While I was researching dog breeds all the books said there were dogs breeds that needed to have a purpose or a job. I decided to be smart and avoid all the herding breeds and terriers. I thought I hit the jackpot with Marley, who I think is part Papillon. A dog breed for companionship wouldn't require a job, right?


It seems Marley has given herself a few jobs, such as
  • Couch protector - Whenever Bob forgets the couch is not a scratching choice Marley will chase Bob away. Unfortunately, Marley has included the scratching posts under her protection.
  • Cat herder - Every time I turn on the printer, Marley thinks she is doing a fabulous job by herding Bob towards the printer. Unfortunately, I do not want Bob stalking the printer cartridges.
  • Plant inspector - I was not aware plants needed to be protected from bees. Marley started snapping at bees. My lack of gratitude or maybe she got stung, but now she barks at bees.
  • Diet enforcer - It seems all cookies are her domain. She totally gets bent out of shape if I have a cookie and she doesn't.
I am currently looking for jobs to assign my dog. If anybody has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate them.


bc_lover said...

Have you ever thought maybe Marley's job is YOU? Keep YOU in check - you know...wake YOU up, make YOU walk with her, tell YOU it is time to eat and remind YOU that it is time to play etc!? I was gifted a session with an animal communicator and she said that about one of my dogs... that "I" was her job. This dog looks after me. :)

Marley said...

I had not thought about it that way before.


bc_lover said...

Just for fun...indoor games to play with your dog: