Monday, August 12, 2013

Faking it!

Do you remember when you were a kid and your parents were taking you someplace fun, like Disneyland.  Do you recall Mom saying, "Go the the bathroom before getting into the car."  Do you recall saying, "I've already gone."  Inevitably within about 10 minutes you needed to go to the bathroom and everybody in the car became upset.  Why am I sharing a crazy childhood memory...Marley has started to do the same thing.

We'll get to class (Agility or Nosework) and I'll take her to potty.  She'll run in and lift her leg (yes, my female lifts her leg) and she tries to run to class.  I'll look at the spot where she fake-peed and it's dry.

I call her back and ask her to "go potty."  She sighs and comes back and picks a spot and actually pees...and she tries to run to class.  I call her back and say, "I don't think you are done."  I get another huge sigh from my dog and she picks a spot and poops.  Finally, we are able to walk into class.

I'm a bit surprised my dog has started faking it during potty time.   It totally reminds me of being a kid on the way to Disneyland.  I'm tickled she loves class as much as I used to love Disneyland.

The fact she goes to the effort of lifting her leg to pretend she's gone is the aspect that just blows my mind.  I would never have expected her to go to that effort to try to fake me out.  Does anybody else's dog try to fake it during potty time?