Sunday, August 31, 2008

Wet n Woofy

Yesterday we attended the third annual Wet n Woofy event at the Lincoln Village pool. It was a lot of fun. I was not sure if Marley would enjoy the swimming pool. We arrived early and there were 2 corgis and a large dog. After a bit of hesitation, Marley enjoyed swimming until the larger dogs started arriving. At that point she wanted to chase the black labs instead of swim. Overall, I believe the event was a success.

This was a great event sponsored by "Gone to the Dogs" and a fundraiser for a new dog park in Hagan Community Park. Currently they have enough money for a fence and they are working on the plans. It sounds very exciting and I'm glad Marley and I were able to support their efforts and I look forward to participating in this event next year and visiting that dog park.

(I'll post some photos in a few days).

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Tip from my Vet

As I'm watching the news about Gustav, I remember a tip my Vet provided. She suggested I always have 3 phone numbers connected to Marley's microchip.
  1. My phone number
  2. The Vet's office
  3. An out of state contact out of state contact, why? She mentioned it was a tough lesson learned from Hurricane Katrina. Many people list family members and the Vet, however during an emergency everybody is on the move and may miss the phone call. Who is notified? Usually a natural disaster will affect a geographic region and if you have an out of state contact it is likely they may not be affected. I would advice listing the person who is likely to provide you shelter during an emergency.

While I have no intention of ever leaving Marley behind, I just do not know what may happen and knowing we may be reunited provides me with peace of mind.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Dog peed on my leg

We went to the dog park today and a black puppy peed on my leg. I stopped him the first two times he tried, unfortunately I was distracted the third.

Marley had a great time, her dogfriend Wesley (a doxie) showed up and she got to wrestle with him. Cody (a puggle) stopped by and allowed Marley to chase him. A new scottie puppy chased her into the pool. In essence while pee ran down my leg, Marley was having a blast.

She always has a great time at the dog park. I had a difficult time finding fun dog parks at first. If you want to find a fun dog park near your home you may want to try Dog Park USA. Its a pretty comprehensive list of dog parks throughout the country and it allows you to rate the park and post comments.

Feel free to try a new park and have a great time.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pooch Pursuit

Marley wants to do a 5k run/walk.

Pooch Pursuit

This event looks like a lot of fun, there will be food, prizes, goodie bags and of course entertainment. The entertainment consists of doggie dance, agility and K9 demonstrations.

Its on Sunday, September 21, 2008 at C-Bar-C Park (one of Marley's favorite dog parks) located at 8275 Oak Avenue, Citrus Heights, CA 95610. Between Fair Oaks Blvd and Kenneth Ave.

TIME: 7:00 am - Race day registration & Packet pick-up
9:00 am - 5 k run/walk
9:10 am - 1 mi walk

I'm hoping to talk Marley into the 1 mile walk instead.

It is a fundraiser for dog park improvments.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hello Everybody

In April of 2007 I realized I've always wanted a dog and I've always lived in places where I could have a dog, however I didn't have a dog. I decided to start looking for the right dog. I started by going to the SPCA, and various rescue groups. I did not just want a dog, I wanted a right dog for my lifestyle. I wanted a small dog that appreciated sharing a home with cats. I looked at terriers, beagles, doxies, and other small dogs and they were just not my dog. I was rejected by various rescue groups (I'll post more about this later). In February of 2008 I was ready to give up. I needed a break from seeing those little pleading eyes at the shelters and websites. A friend emailed me and said, "I found your dog" and provided me with a link to the pound. He was right! I found my dog. She was my Valentines day present to myself. That's how Marley's Adventures began.