Friday, August 29, 2008

Dog peed on my leg

We went to the dog park today and a black puppy peed on my leg. I stopped him the first two times he tried, unfortunately I was distracted the third.

Marley had a great time, her dogfriend Wesley (a doxie) showed up and she got to wrestle with him. Cody (a puggle) stopped by and allowed Marley to chase him. A new scottie puppy chased her into the pool. In essence while pee ran down my leg, Marley was having a blast.

She always has a great time at the dog park. I had a difficult time finding fun dog parks at first. If you want to find a fun dog park near your home you may want to try Dog Park USA. Its a pretty comprehensive list of dog parks throughout the country and it allows you to rate the park and post comments.

Feel free to try a new park and have a great time.

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