Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hello Everybody

In April of 2007 I realized I've always wanted a dog and I've always lived in places where I could have a dog, however I didn't have a dog. I decided to start looking for the right dog. I started by going to the SPCA, and various rescue groups. I did not just want a dog, I wanted a right dog for my lifestyle. I wanted a small dog that appreciated sharing a home with cats. I looked at terriers, beagles, doxies, and other small dogs and they were just not my dog. I was rejected by various rescue groups (I'll post more about this later). In February of 2008 I was ready to give up. I needed a break from seeing those little pleading eyes at the shelters and websites. A friend emailed me and said, "I found your dog" and provided me with a link to the pound. He was right! I found my dog. She was my Valentines day present to myself. That's how Marley's Adventures began.

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bc_lover said...

Hi Marley - Welcome to the blogosphere. Dogs and I look forward to following your adventures. Hopefully we'll have one of our own soon (time for a play date).