Saturday, August 30, 2008

Tip from my Vet

As I'm watching the news about Gustav, I remember a tip my Vet provided. She suggested I always have 3 phone numbers connected to Marley's microchip.
  1. My phone number
  2. The Vet's office
  3. An out of state contact out of state contact, why? She mentioned it was a tough lesson learned from Hurricane Katrina. Many people list family members and the Vet, however during an emergency everybody is on the move and may miss the phone call. Who is notified? Usually a natural disaster will affect a geographic region and if you have an out of state contact it is likely they may not be affected. I would advice listing the person who is likely to provide you shelter during an emergency.

While I have no intention of ever leaving Marley behind, I just do not know what may happen and knowing we may be reunited provides me with peace of mind.

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