Monday, August 29, 2011

Woofstock 2011

We started the day by supporting Tina and Nanook who are finalists in the Beneful® WagWorld® Dream Dog Park Contest! They had two booths supporting their future dog park.

We picked up a yummy cupcake and a cool bandanna to show our support. We voted before heading to Woofstock.

In addition to promoting the contest they were recruiting volunteers and gathering support for a neighborhood dog park. The booth was packed most of the morning and I suspect the dog park has a lot of support.

Once Marley was properly attired and I checked out adoption row. They had a huge variety of dog rescue groups present. There were also two brave cat rescue groups there trying to find homes for kittens.

Marley scoping out the event!
Marley met a kindred spirit!

Winner of the 60's costume contest!

Winner of the best licker contest!
I'm always greatly amused that pit bulls tend to win this contest.

I always have a great time at this event and I learn a lot about dogs. The educational booths are fantastic. I also feel great knowing the funds raised at this event are going to four great rescue groups.
We missed some of the events due to the heat. However, I'm glad we managed to run into quite a few friends at this event.

This is our friend Shiloh.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dream Dog Park Contest

Congratulations to the 15 finalists in the Beneful® WagWorld® Dream Dog Park Contest!

To celebrate the relationships people have with their four-legged best friends, the Beneful® brand has created the WagWorldTM Dream Dog Park Contest – in which they will award a $500,000 makeover to one lucky dog park!

Contestants entered 2 minute videos about their dog park, in which they show their local park, and describe their Dream Dog Park.

Limit one (1) vote per person, per day. registration required. Voting ends on September 8, 2011.

To Vote:
  • Review the Finalists’ entries
  • Choose your favorite
  • Go to your favorite Finalist’s page and click “Vote for this Entry!” You can only vote once per day
Marley and I are very excited to see two finalists from California with fabulous ideas. The most difficult part is picking a favorite.

Last year Pat McNeely and Koda won the First Beneful® WagWorld® Dream Dog Park Contest and their new park looks awesome!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Pool Plunge at Cameron Park Lake

I think the best way to spend a warm summer day is by taking my non-swimming dog to a swimming event. This event is hosted by the El Dorado Dog Owners Guild; they are raising money for two new dog parks in the county. We attended this this event last year and we had a great time, even if Marley didn't want to go swimming.

This year we met this tiny little dog that was not a happy camper. His mom would wade out and set him down in the water and he had to swim back to shore. He totally had a Marley attitude!

As we entered the play area, Marley bolted. I started to panic because this is not normal behavior for her and I couldn't find her anywhere. After searching in all the shady spots and casting suspicious looks at the people watching their dogs. I finally found her in the last place I expected to see my the water, I couldn't believe it! I know you won't believe it either, due to the curse of the black dog...
I got a close-up! Yes, this is my crazy dog in the water.

I'm not quite sure if she was chasing something or just playing in the water. After playing in the water for a bit and resting in the shade. We decided to visit some of the vendors and we discovered a little bit of HEAVEN!
Pups-n-Cups coffee is a wonderful mobile Coffee and Gourmet Dog Treats business. I had a great beverage and Marley enjoyed a Doggie Donut. The owner was totally fabulous and she also provides individual cups of shampoo for an emergency bath after swimming.

This is one of my favorite events and we plan on attending next year.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Agility Update

Before our agility break Marley was doing very well on contacts. She didn't hesitate and ran right through the yellow each and every time. I was very pleased with her behavior.

Since our break she has started to jump off the equipment. Not like jump off the yellow section, but jumping off the top of the A-Frame. I'm a bit flabergasted and terrified. I'm not sure why she is jumping off; she doesn't look scared or upset. Actually she looks rather pleased with herself. I'm terrified she'll hurt herself; I don't even allow her to jump out of the car.

This means we need to spend some time retraining all the contact equipment. It seems everytime we make strides in one direction we slip in another.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Kaleo's Run

Marley and I are very excited and can hardly wait for Kaleo's 5k Run & 1 Mile walk. The weather is expected to be wonderful.

Kaleo was a working for the Sheriffs department when the vet found a cancerous growth in his paw. His medical expenses were over $12,000 and this race was started as a fundraiser. This event continues to raise funds to cover medical expenses for retired dogs.

The Sacramento Sheriff K9 Association also organizes other events and fundraisers to purchase protective gear for working dogs, specialized training schools and burial expenses.

I've participated in some of their other fundraisers (we have the calendar and t-shirt) and I'm excited to attend our first walk. Marley doesn't know this but I'll be checking out the German Shepherds.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Monday, August 1, 2011

Fun at the Beach...

I've been hearing about Point Isabel Regional Shoreline for a long time and while not quite what I expected, it was still a lot of fun. The weather was typical of the coast, cool in the morning and warm in the afternoon. There were a lot of dogs running free; however, while we were there everybody behaved. Marley became a totally different dog at the coast, it was a bit weird.

Marley ready to party!

She raced Zeus to the water.

My non-swimming, non-fetching dog jumped into the water after a tennis ball. My heart nearly stopped, I was sure she was chasing something gross and dead. I was totally blown away she just jumped into the water after a BALL.

Marley and the boys after a quick swim.
Zeus and Riley - "Sandwiches, did we hear that right?"
Marley - "Take the damn picture already"

We all enjoyed a pleasant snack behind the Sit and Stay Cafe. Marley is ready to return to the coast.
I heard the beach is supposed to have sand!