Monday, August 1, 2011

Fun at the Beach...

I've been hearing about Point Isabel Regional Shoreline for a long time and while not quite what I expected, it was still a lot of fun. The weather was typical of the coast, cool in the morning and warm in the afternoon. There were a lot of dogs running free; however, while we were there everybody behaved. Marley became a totally different dog at the coast, it was a bit weird.

Marley ready to party!

She raced Zeus to the water.

My non-swimming, non-fetching dog jumped into the water after a tennis ball. My heart nearly stopped, I was sure she was chasing something gross and dead. I was totally blown away she just jumped into the water after a BALL.

Marley and the boys after a quick swim.
Zeus and Riley - "Sandwiches, did we hear that right?"
Marley - "Take the damn picture already"

We all enjoyed a pleasant snack behind the Sit and Stay Cafe. Marley is ready to return to the coast.
I heard the beach is supposed to have sand!

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