Monday, August 22, 2011

Pool Plunge at Cameron Park Lake

I think the best way to spend a warm summer day is by taking my non-swimming dog to a swimming event. This event is hosted by the El Dorado Dog Owners Guild; they are raising money for two new dog parks in the county. We attended this this event last year and we had a great time, even if Marley didn't want to go swimming.

This year we met this tiny little dog that was not a happy camper. His mom would wade out and set him down in the water and he had to swim back to shore. He totally had a Marley attitude!

As we entered the play area, Marley bolted. I started to panic because this is not normal behavior for her and I couldn't find her anywhere. After searching in all the shady spots and casting suspicious looks at the people watching their dogs. I finally found her in the last place I expected to see my the water, I couldn't believe it! I know you won't believe it either, due to the curse of the black dog...
I got a close-up! Yes, this is my crazy dog in the water.

I'm not quite sure if she was chasing something or just playing in the water. After playing in the water for a bit and resting in the shade. We decided to visit some of the vendors and we discovered a little bit of HEAVEN!
Pups-n-Cups coffee is a wonderful mobile Coffee and Gourmet Dog Treats business. I had a great beverage and Marley enjoyed a Doggie Donut. The owner was totally fabulous and she also provides individual cups of shampoo for an emergency bath after swimming.

This is one of my favorite events and we plan on attending next year.

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