Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pooch Plunge at Cameron Park Lake

El Dorado Dog Owners Group (EDDOG) is raising money for the construction of two dog parks in El Dorado County. The Pooch Plunge is a great event where dogs can run and play in the water. It is really special because normally pets are not allowed at Cameron Park Lake.

I was a bit concerned because Marley normally does not like any water activities; however, when we arrived she immediately ran into the water.

She played along the shore and stopped when the water began to deepen.

She took breaks in the sand watched the crazy, ball fetching labs.

She made friends.

After an hour when it was getting hot, Marley chose to break in the shade.

We saw a Riley twin (Labradoodle mix).

Overall, we had a great time at this event. I think Marley likes the gentle slope of the lake and the small waves. She is very adamant at stopping when it becomes warm. I look forward to more of these events.


bc_lover said...

Marley is a natural explorer - enjoying all the different places she goes! Very cool.

Lisa Van Dyke said...

Glad to see that Marley had a great time at Pooch Plunge! I hope Marley has joined EDDOG on Facebook. EDDOG posted a link to Marley's adventure on their Facebook fan page.

Marley said...

Oh, how cool to be mentioned on Facebook. Thank you to EDDOG