Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Agility 2.3

We worked on sequences. Marley is still trying to avoid going into the tunnel. We did work off leash most of this class. At which point will I feel comfortable and confident trusting my dog to behave off leash?

Weave poles, hoops, tunnel - Marley was great on everything except for the tunnel. She kept running out and running after me instead of running through the tunnel and meeting me on the other end. Once we reversed the sequence to tunnel, hoops, weave poles it was a bit easier. She did try to run off while we were moving towards the weave poles, however once she realized I wanted her to do the weave poles she ran back and finished.

Dog walk - This was not sequenced, we had some new dogs in class that wanted a refresher.

Pin Wheel jumps - the jumps were in a circular pattern and we had gates between me and Marley. I thought this was fun, Marley was not so sure about being so far way. We also reversed this and went a different way.

Hoop, Teeter - The teeter was raised to the third level. Marley didn't even notice.

Tire jump, tunnel - We haven't done the tire in a while and Marley was a bit confused. After a brief refresher she did fine. She was not pleased with the tunnel.

She is still having a great time in class and she is just so excited about doing everything. I also think she is focusing more on me rather than running off, which is cool.

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