Monday, June 22, 2009

Woof Walk

Marley and I really enjoy charity walks, especially those that assist dogs. This weekend we attended the 5th Annual Woof Walk. They are currently raising funds to add a small dog section to an existing dog park (something we totally support).

The park was really lovely and had some features I wish our favorite park contained, such as fabulous workout stations. The booths had a lot of interesting things and of course cookies for Marley. (FYI: if you are peddling dog food at an event please be prepared to answer questions about the ingredients.)

Marley met her first alpaca

Long after the alpaca had moved on to other things,
Marley kept waiting for it to do something interesting
It was warm and Marley needed a rest after that walk.
This is Marley's favorite dog breed...
I don't get it but she always wants to play with them when she sees them.

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Mary said...

I love that alpaca picture...totally made me giggle!