Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Agility 2.2

Our agility class took a couple of weeks off and Marley is so excited to begin again. I think our break was great for Marley, she is excited about doing tunnels again. We are still working on sequencing.

We learned hoops today. Marley loves anything that allows her to run around and she had no problems with this activity.

The broad jump was also introduced this week, I'm not sure Marley realizes there is a difference between the jump and the broad jump.

Weave / Teeter - Marley loves the Teeter and she just had a great time.

Dog Walk / Tunnel - Marley is getting better about hitting the target when she is doing the dog walk. We caught her trying to cheat by hoovering her butt instead of sitting. She strolled through the tunnel.

Finally we practiced the guide weave poles, which seemed difficult for all the dogs. Marley and I walked slowly through them and I think she didn't quite get the idea.

Overall, she loves the class and is very excited about being there.

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