Sunday, September 28, 2008

New Canine Good Citizen

Marley passed the test!!!

If you know naughty Marley, you may be wondering, what did she have to do?
  • Accept a Friendly Stranger: A person who is a stranger to her approaches and Marley had to remain calm. She did great!
  • Sit Politely For Petting: The friendly stranger offered pets. Well, Marley managed not to jump, I'm so proud.
  • Appearance and Grooming: This potion demonstrates Marley will accept being groomed and examined by either a vet or a groomer.
  • Out for a Walk or walking on a loose leash: We have been working so hard at Heel and she did great. (a heel is not necessary as long as the dog walks nicely next to the handler)
  • Walk Through a Crowd: This demonstrates the Marley can walk through a crowd of people and not panic or misbehave.
  • Sit and Down on Command: This demonstrates Marley has had some training and will do as I ask.
  • Come when Called: This has actually never been a problem for Marley.
  • Reaction to Another Dog: This demonstrates Marley can behave politely around other dogs. In this portion I approached the examiner and her dog and made small talk while the dogs sat and waited politely.
  • Reactions to Distractions: This demonstrates Marley is confident and will not overreact to strange sounds. This was accomplished by dropping a dog bowl no the ground. Marley was curious but continued on her walk.
  • Supervised Separation: Marley has had a lot of trouble with this portion during practice. In this section, I hand the leash to the examiner and ask "Can you watch my dog?" and I walk away and stay out of sight for 3 minutes. Marley did great, during the last 30 seconds she started to get concerned but she did not whine, or exhibit other signals of concern.
If your dog has had some training I highly recommend taking the exam (click the graphic above for more information). Marley will receive a nice certificate from the AKC and a dog tag indicating she is a Canine Good Citizen.
Marley and the evaluator after her exam

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