Saturday, September 20, 2008

New Class

Marley and I have started a new obedience class today. Yes, we have already taken beginning and intermediate classes, however there are 3 reasons we are doing this again.
  1. Marley believes rules do not apply if I'm not present, therefore I feel a refresher is in order.
  2. We never learned hand signals and I would really like to do some off leash work with her at some point.
  3. We want to try some dog sports such as agility or herding or maybe even some obedience rally. Since Marley refuses to fetch, I think flyball may be out of the question.
The class was in a park, which was nice. The birds were chirping and the squirrels were running about. We went over sit, down, name, watch me, stand and find it. Marley was excited to be outside watching squirrels and birds and getting treats. It was nice to work in a different location with different distractions. However, is it a problem when the human is bored to tears?

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