Friday, September 19, 2008


I used to dream of playing fetch with my dog. That dream has been shattered, Marley will not fetch. Ok, she'll retrieve 3 times and after that she'll run off and play. I've asked for advice and I've tried it all.
  • Stop before she does and create a heightened desire in her to play. This does not work, she'll begin to stop after fetching twice.
  • Play tug of war and then toss the toy. This is supposed to heighten her prey drive and entice her to continue playing. This kind of works, after fetching 3 times she'll become distracted.
  • Continuously toss balls and this will provide her with a greater desire to continue the game.

These have not worked and I was disappointed I will not need to buy a chuck-it. Yesterday we were at the park and I again picked up a ball to tempt Marley into the worlds shortest fetch game. A new dog came and dropped his slimy ball at my feet and did a play bow. I picked up his slimy ball and threw it to him. He came back and I threw it again. Well, Ms Marley noticed I was playing with another dog and she came up and demanded I throw her the ball. I began to alternate between the New Dog and Marley, I threw different a different ball in a different direction for each dog. Well, Marley fetched more than 3 times.

I'm so excited, I now know the secret to enticing my dog to fetch.

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