Monday, September 8, 2008

Marley's Room

Every morning Marley has breakfast in her crate and as I'm leaving for work she'll receive a stuffed Kong. Marley receives all her meals and some treats in her crate, however she doesn't usually spend much time in there. Bob actually likes to nap inside Marley's crate.

Today I "forgot" to close her crate after providing the Kong. When I came home, Marley was sleeping in her crate. I still can't believe it. All the training books indicate this would happen, however I didn't really believe it.

I've recently started allowing Marley unsupervised access to the house. Unless she chooses to redecorate in some way, I'll continue to trust her. I still lock her in the crate while getting ready to leave, I find that watching me get ready seems to stress her out. As I'm getting ready to walk out the door I'll open her crate and give her a treat. The last two weeks I've been "forgetting" to latch the door afterwords.

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bc_lover said...

Marley - what a good girl you are!