Friday, September 5, 2008

Marley is not a pit bull...

can somebody please tell her that. She does not believe me. There are three pits that enjoy the dog park we usually visit. They are the sweetest dogs ever, even the puppy. When they play they sound very loud and they make a lot of noise. At times they get a little rowdy, however their mom is usually right there keeping them and other dogs safe.

Today they were playing with a mastiff mix and having a great time. Every once in a while the puppy would get very rambunctious, however his mom was right keeping him out of trouble. Where was Marley? Trying to play with the pit and the mastiff! She is so little and she keeps thinking she is the same size as the pit. I have to say this nearly gave me a HEART ATTACK!

Eventually she ended up playing with her friend Cody (a puggle) and Rosie.

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