Sunday, September 14, 2008

Clean-up day

Marley had a blast at the Dog Park Clean-up Day!

She met and played with Lulu (basset hound) and a few other dogs that showed up to "help." All the dogs had a great time running around and peeing on everything. Their favorite places were piles of mulch and garbage bags.

This was a nice event, about 15 people arrived to help. The Carmichael Dog Park Society provided coffee, water, juice and donuts for all the volunteers. We mowed, weeded, raked mulch, cleaned the bulletin board and basically made the park a more pleasant place for the humans. In the process we unearthed two picnic table platforms, we were all surprised these were located under about an inch of dirt and mulch.

I believe having an active dog society within a dog park makes it a great place for both dogs and people. The City's Department of Parks and Rec only provides the space and mowing in addition to garbage removal. Everything else is provided by the Dog Park Society. I encourage everybody who enjoys these facilities to participate in clean-up days.

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