Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ugh gross

As a city dog, Marley goes on at least two walks a day in addition to park time. She takes full advantage of these walks to poop. This allows me to monitor her poop and make note of any changes that may indicate changes in her health. If she has trouble, I review what she may have eaten and attempt to find what has caused the problem.

I became concerned last week because her poop increased in frequency and size. She started to poop 3-4 times during a walk and the quantity was astounding. I reviewed the treats she was receiving and couldn't recall any changes. I started to get worried and I decided to call the vet and schedule a check-up.

As I was searching for the vet's number (I know it should be programed into my phone) I noticed a black blob moving in the cat section of the house. It was Marley, who was exploring the litter box. It seems she discovered how to access the cat section and made herself at home.

This has led to a dilemma, how can I keep her out of that part of the house without making it difficult for Mahone to access. Mahone is 17 years old and I can't require him to jump very high. I went out and purchased a gate that actually attaches to the wall (I had a pressure installed gate) and I've raised it about 3-4 inches off the floor. I'm not sure how long this will keep Marley out and allow Mahone to access his part of the house. I'm currently open to any suggestions.

Cat box treats are bad?

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Johann The Dog said...

Ahh, the age ole dilemma! BOL!!! You don't even want to know what we went through with Gracie on this very subject. Seems I'm afraid of the Dyson, so Mum put it just inside the door to the cat litter closet, works like a charm for me I won't go hear the door, but Gracie is still another matter. We swear she has an eating disorder of the cat litter kind :)