Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Guess who finally gave in and decided to enjoy her Christmas present?

My list of the 5 changes Marley has made in my life
  1. I've rediscovered the joy of watching dawn arrive every morning.
  2. Herding cats is so much easier with Marley's assistance.
  3. Crazy lady walking her dog in the rain, be nice its me!
  4. I've found my inner compulsive shopper. Does Marley really need more toys?
  5. I don't own Marley, I'm her roadie. I drive her around and cater to her every need/want on the road.
I've met some of the best people, who I would have never met with out Marley. ALL my neighbors stop me to talk. Well, actually they stop to talk to Marley and if she isn't with me they ask about her.

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