Tuesday, March 10, 2009


We had our second agility lesson and Marley did great. I'm still not sure if she understands what we are doing; however, she is all about following the hotdog. This week we reviewed the previous equipment and we added the pause table.

The wobble board
We tried a larger more wobbly board. I was worried it may be too unsettling for her, however she just jumped up and demanded her hot dog. We tried this at the beginning and end of class and she was fine the entire time.

There were two tunnels, a straight tunnel and one with a curve. Marley just ran in and met me at the other end, demanding a hot dog. We hit a slight snag with the longer curved tunnel. There is a boxer puppy in our class who is scared and we tried tossing hot dogs inside trying to coax him into trying the tunnel (he became a tunnel wiz by the end of class). Marley discovered some of the treats and she has now slowed down while she hunts for treats. Hopefully next week she'll pick up speed again.

Weave Poles
Marley was not phased at all she just ran through looking for her treat at the end.

Pause table
Our trainer was a bit worried the table may to too tall for Marley. Marley just jumped up and preened.

Sheep walked by while we were in class and they totally distracted her, which I found kind of interesting. I'm so glad she seems to be having a great time.

Am I the only one who buys my dog's hot dogs at Trader Joe's (nitrate and sulfate free)?


Johann The Dog said...

BOL! Marley sounds like an agility natural - doing all the same things I did at my first classes. Way to go Marley!!!!

And no, you are not the only one using nitrate/sulfate free hot dogs - as a matter of fact in the agility world you are the norm, BOL!!! Good peep!

So glad you are having fun, agility is such a rush!!!

Woofs, Johann

Jennifer the Tutor said...

Good job Marley! How'd she do this week? Sheep distracting her, hmmm. . . .