Thursday, March 19, 2009

Brave and Smart

Marley and I have been working on the "NoBark" command. She listens very well while at home, outside its another story. During our walks if another dog barks insults at her, I usually distract her by asking her to heel, this usually works but she still gets agitated.

The other day during our morning walk, I stopped turned around and almost collided with my cycling neighbor. I gasped, Marley stopped her investigation of the dumpster and ran up growling (that deep angry growl). The only thing I could think of in my shock was "NoBark." I so didn't want her discovering the joy of chasing bikes and I really didn't want her barking at my neighbor.

She stopped and sat on my left side and waited. Blow me down, I was so shocked! I am amazed at how quickly she responded to my shock and how scary she sounded (considering she is only 11lbs). I am astounded at how quickly she calmed down and was ready to do something different. It took me a lot longer to calm down.

My mini dog...with the heart of a rottweiler.

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PoochesForPeace said...

The pic of Marley with the Rottweilers is priceless. I love when all you see is just huge legs next to a little dog- great angle!