Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Agility 5

This is our 5th week of agility and Marley is loving it, actually she seems to think I'm slowing her down.

This week we practiced the following:

Wobble board: I don't think we actually practiced this, as soon as we walked in to the field Marley jumped on it and did a little dance. Well, to be totally honest, Marley was wiggling the minute we got out of the car. Very cute.

Weave poles: I think Marley is finding these boring, she slows down and sniffs the ground while walking through them. I think she is still looking for dropped treats.

Ladder: I think this was mostly for the benefit of the large dogs in class. Marley just trotted through.

Teeter: Marley just ran through unfazed and sat on the end. Actually, she managed to run away and get an extra turn on the teeter.

Jumps: We practiced a lot going through the jumps without the bar on them. Marley found it a bit dull and wanted to run ahead, this really pleased our trainer. Once the the bar was up, Marley was in doggy heaven. After that first jump her tail slowly wagged while she grinned at me. We even got to practice without the leash, it was so cool.

This is what Marley looked like during class:

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