Monday, February 9, 2009

Marley is psychic

Marley has never heard me say, "Lets go to the park!"

Usually, I plan on taking Marley for a drive and we run a few errands prior to arriving a the park. We both enjoy a quick drive to Starbucks. The other day, Marley was curled up in my lap while I read her a few blogs (we have high hopes for Dannan and Stella and we like to read about Bruno's FLH). After reading I casually said, "we should go to the park." Marley's jumped off my lap and ran to the door ready to leave. I think she is psychic!!

Or maybe she was corrupted by somebody else:

This place is called the Park.

Wow, this place has a name. So, how do I get my mom to bring me more often?

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