Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Self Handicapping

According to Patricia McConnell self handicapping is when a faster, stronger individual chooses to hold back and allow the play to continue instead of just going for the win. A good example is any parent who chooses to play an endless game of Monopoly with a child instead of winning quickly.

Marley loves to wrestle and she usually finds playmates who are about her size and strength. Every once in a while a feisty puppy will decide she wants to wrestle with Marley. I always supervise her closely and I was so pleased when I noticed her self handicapping when playing with smaller, younger dogs.

Precious is a yorkie about 9 months old. She is supper feisty and very demanding.
"Play with me! NOW!!!" Precious

Laying on her side while Precious jumps all over her.

Playing dead.

After all that wrestling they took off running in circles until somebody squeaked a ball and Precious was distracted.

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Noddy said...

That's so sweet! :-) Dogs (animals) are so smart. They know the score! :-D

(Sorry this is OT but I couldn't find an email address for you - just want to let you know that I added you and Marley to my blogroll!)