Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Gotcha Day

Yesterday, while everybody else celebrated Valentines day, Marley and I celebrated her Gotcha Day. We had a great day that included all her favorite activities. We started the day by going to agility class, which of course she loved. We visited with her friend Sadie and her new little puppy sister. Where I discovered Marley is not very fond of puppies. She was very tolerant of the puppy, however she didn't want to play with the little pip-squeak. (I don't have any pictures because Sadie is deathly afraid of the camera). This was followed up by a relaxing trip to a park with a nice big soccer field.
Marley proceeded to do her favorite thing ever! Roll in the smelliest thing on the field.

"Umm...smelly spot"

I don't necessarily like the way she smells after a good roll in the grass. However, she looks so ecstatic while rolling, I don't have the heart to make her stop. Her expressions just crack me up. After such a busy day, I offered to get her her very own puppy!

She refused to acknowledge my presence until I promised I was just kidding.

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