Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Agility 6.5

I really think we are starting to get agility. Marley is starting to look for the equipment and I'm starting to figure out how to lead.

This session we did the following:

Hoop, Tunnel, Tire and Dog Walk - I led out to the tire and Marley went through the tunnel and tire without any problems. When we added the dog walk she just zoomed along and did a great contact (back feet on dog walk and front feet on grass).

Hoop, A-Frame, Hoop, Hoop, Weave Poles - She did great until we got to the weave poles. She just ran past them to the other end and then she stopped and waited for me. I had to call her back to the hoop and point out the entrance to the weave poles. I'm starting to suspect we may be practicing one direction (or entrance) more than the other.

We finished by doing the serpentine. We are still having some trouble with this, however I think it may be my fault. I keep confusing my direction.

Overall, I'm very happy with how we are doing. I've incorporated random sprinting during our morning walks and this seems to have helped Marley keep track of me during agility. She glances my way more often just in case I do anything fun.

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