Thursday, February 25, 2010

Agility 6.6

This class was pretty much a repeat of our previous session. This time, Marley was very unruly in class. She decided she didn't like the schnauzer in class and she proceeded to bark at him. She didn't want to wait her turn and she found all the sheep poop for a nice roll.

Hoop, Tunnel, Tire and Dog Walk - Instead of waiting while I was leading out, Marley took off and ran the entire sequence with out me. She stopped in the middle of the dog walk and turned around to look for me and she SAT down in the middle of the dog walk to wait for me! I called her back and once she managed to contain her enthusiasm she did great.

Hoop, A-Frame, Hoop, Hoop, Weave Poles - This sequence went very well, she even found the entrance to the weave poles on her own. I thought she looked beautiful running through the weave poles.

Serpentine (or my nightmare) - We were doing great until Marley reached the jump. As soon as she reached it she stopped, SAT down and looked at me. I called her over and she just looked at me and grinned while she waited for me to forget my crazy command. I had to clip her leash on and run with her in order for her to go over the jumps.

We have done jumps every single class, I know she knows how to jump and the command to jump. I suspect she does it because she finds it funny. I'm not so amused.

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