Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Agility is working in the real world

Who knew I would be able to use our agility training in the "real world?"

I usually have to be careful on our walks because Marley wants to go around trees and get us all tangled up. I have been using "ThisWay" and she will stop and walk towards me and around the tree. This is great and prevents us from running around trees all morning.

However this doesn't seem to work around poles especially if Marley's already around the pole. She gets confused if she can see me and the leash is pulling away from me. Usually, I have to stop her and walk around the pole.

Today I had the brilliant idea (ok, in reality I was tired and didn't want to walk around the pole), I sighed and said "Marley Go" while I pushed my palm out and pulled slightly on the leash. She looked slightly confused but walked away from me around the pole. I was so surprised it worked, I started to praise her lavishly and she grinned.

Who new this stuff would come in handy? I sense a whole new world is opening up for us on our walks.

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