Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Agility 3.4

Marley loves agility. I'm working at setting her up to succeed instead of confusing her in class. I'm having trouble remembering our word for contact. Most people in class use touch, except we use that word for something else. I've been using target, except I keep forgetting. I seem to be a work in progress.

This week we did the following:

A-frame - This was the first time we tried this and Marley had no qualms about climbing the A-frame.

Hoop - Teeter - Tire - Tunnel - Marley didn't want to go through the tire. I think this may be because we have not done this in a while. I ended up having the assistant trainer hold a treat on the other side in order to encourage her to jump through the tire. She is getting better at the tunnel, as long as I'm there when she reaches the end. If I'm not there she'll turn around and run around the tunnel to meet me.

Weave poles - Dog Walk - Marley meanders through the weave poles. She does them correctly however she does not feel the need to hurry. A classmate asked us if we practiced at home, I thought this was a nice complement because we don't.

While waiting for our turn we did some jumps and tried the tire a few times. We also took a break on the pause table.

The funniest thing is I think Marley expects a command prior to entering the doggy pool. While in class, we'll go to the doggy pool and she'll wait and look at me. Crazy dog.

I think Marley has decided to practice contacts at home. When ever she's on my lap, she'll have her butt will be on my lap but her paws will be on another surface. Usually the couch or the floor. Crazy dog.

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