Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Agility 3.5

otherwise known as Human Agility class!

Yep, Marley is doing great. Actually she is doing fabulous in spite of my goofy guidance. We have upgraded from using the leash to using a tab, which she loves.

This class consisted of sequences where we kept adding equipment to each sequence. We did 4 different sequences.

Weave poles (with guides) - dogwalk - crossover - hoop - hoop - Pause table- This was fine, except I kept tripping over my own feet while trying to do a crossover.

Teeter - tire - hoop - we did well, except Marley thought we should add a jump.

A-frame - hoop - hoop - Tunnel - This would have been fine if I had remembered the name of the A-Frame and our word for contact. We started and I was thinking climb it but my mouth was saying Tunnel. I think Marley might have ESP because she did fine.

Tunnel - Weave poles (cage) - hoop - hoop - hoop - pause table - Marley was fine transitioning from each piece of equipment. I had to work on guiding her away from me towards the weave poles. I think this might be more coordination than I'm capable of doing.

Good Grief this is so much harder than it looks like on TV.

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