Monday, August 24, 2009

Agility 3.6

Marley was in total BRAT mode during class. She totally tricked me by impersonating a good dog at the beginning of class.

We started class with the Chute, which was simple and Marley did really well.

Teeter - Tire - The teeter being Marley's favorite also went well. She didn't even have any problems with the tire.

Dog Walk - Hoop - Weave poles (guide) - Crossover (me) - Tire - We started with the Dog walk and hoop and added the other parts each turn. Marley did very well, I was impressed with her tolerance of my crossover. I was so proud of her.

Jump - Jump - Jump - Tunnel - Marley had a blast, I did not.

We started at jump 3 and I sent her to the tunnel, Marley did fine.

Jump 2 and 3 followed by the tunnel went fine.

Marley did Jump 1 ran around Jump 2 and 3 and into the tunnel. I called her back and she jumped over 2 and 3 to get back. I tried again, Marley ran even faster over jump 1 and around jumps 2 and 3 into the tunnel where she turned around and sat at the entrance grinning at me.

I called her back and this time I used the leash to guide her over all three jumps. She was grinning the entire time.

Our trainer suggested I set up some jumps at home and practice, practice and practice.

Our final exercise was Tire - Weave poles, Marley did fine the first time and she totally became confused the second. At this point I figured she was tired from all the running around the jumps and we ended class.

I'm glad she had fun, however I hope she listens better during our next class.

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