Friday, September 4, 2009

Dogged Pursuit

I just finished reading "Dogged Pursuit: My Year of Competing Dusty, the World's Least Likely Agility Dog" by Robert Rodi.

Rodi basically chronicals his attempt to make his scared sheltie into a champion. Overall the book was funny.

I really liked the way Rodi becomes involved with agility and how out of place he feels amongst the other participants. I'm sure anybody who has tried a new activity has felt the same way. I like the way he is always surprised when he feels included within his agility group.

I totally loved they way Rodi continuously reminds himself that Dusty reacts to his emotions and insecurities. When Rodi is out of sorts, Dusty acts lost and out of sorts in the field. Every time Rodi questions himself, Dusty seems to forget how to do agility. I totally loved this aspect of the book.

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