Sunday, September 27, 2009

Agility 4.4

or My Dog has a weird sense of humor

We arrived early and all the dogs had some free play time. I was a bit concerned because Marley chose not to participate, she found a spot in the shade and sat quietly until class started. This is not typical behavior and I was a bit concerned she might over heat. Little did I realize she had plans...

We started with 4 jumps followed by the A frame, the same sequence she did great during our last class. This time she decided she only had to jump 2 of the jumps. She kept running around the other two and finishing the A frame. When she realized she was not going to be rewarded for the A frame she turned around half way down and came back up and down the other side (her ability to do this astounds me). She proceeded to run full speed towards me and as soon as she was close she veered to the side and into the tunnel. She was grinning the entire time.

4 Hoops - Teeter - This was a similar sequence, where we add a hoop each turn and she didn't have a problem with this at all.

Tire - hoop - dog walk - 2 hoops - tunnel - We started with the tire, hoop, rear cross (me) and the dog walk followed by the 2 hoops. Our third turn I had to do a front cross after the dog walk and we added the tunnel at the end. Marley did this fine, on the other hand I had some trouble remembering which cross I had to complete. Yep, owner errors.

At this point I'm a bit perplexed about why she is not doing all the jumps.

I admit I ended up calling her a bad dog, does it count when I'm laughing as I say it? Yep, I think I'm accidentally encouraging this behavior by laughing.

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