Monday, February 20, 2012

Dog Park Tour

Marley and I love traveling and I've become interested in dog park design. One cool and overcast day we gathered two friends with dogs and piled into my car and set off on the 2009 Dog Park Tour.

While Marley had fun sniffing and meeting new dogs, I spent the entire time photographing cool and unique features at each park.

Phoenix Park in Fair Oaks
I love this park, it has three sections:  Large Dog; Timid/Tiny Dog; and Small/Gentle Dog.  They are very careful of the lawn and they tend to close the park to prevent damage the lawn.  I would advise you to check their website prior to heading out.  My favorite feature is their pool area, which is surrounded by permeable pavers.  Permeable pavers allow water to soak through to the ground and prevent the area from becoming a muddy and unsafe.

Auburn Ravine Dog Park in Lincoln
This is simply the largest dog park I have ever seen; both the small and large dog areas are gigantic.  We parked in the rear and entered through a fun nature area.  The small dog area has a huge old oak tree in the center.  The best feature is the french drain at the water faucet.  It directs the water away and prevents a muddy mucky mess and it looks fantastic.

Bear Dog Park in Roseville
This is considered the best dog park in the region;  I think it is nice and has some great features.  The small and large dog areas are a substantial size.  There is a walking path with decomposed granite with a grassy area in the center.  There are a lot of shade features and this cool puppy play equipment area.  Both the sides of the park have the play equipment.  The park also features a dog shower where you can hose off your dog prior to taking him home.

C Bar C dog park in Citrus Heights
The large dog area is enormous they have a shady oak grove towards the rear and it is fabulous if you have a large dog.  The small dog area was added after a tragic accident and is rather small.  The coolest feature is the Hole in the Fence so you can toss out the used poop bags.  It struck my as a unique and totally cool.

William Hughes Dog Park in Roseville
I found this park by accident, it is a hidden gem.  While on the small side overall, both sides are a good size.
The best feature is a fenced off quarter for training.  This is simply awesome of you want to work on some off leash training.  This is also one of the only parks with a dog like sculpture on the outside.  I love the dog angel bench.

I'm starting to plan for 2012 Dog Park Tour and I would like you to recommend any cool parks that you have visited.  We like road trips so location is not a problem.

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